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Providing The BEST In Shooting Accuracy and Repeatability, through Advanced Technology. Shooting Rests SCIENCE...not Hype!

Stability in anything is created when you Stabilize More...not less. Our Goal is to reach those who desire the best in shooting accuracy, to hit what their aiming at by offering a Premium product design... that surpasses their expectations with undisputedable proof on paper and in the field.



ShootingRests.NET Offers The Bulls Bag Brand Of Shooting Rests EXCLUSIVELY... Why? It's Simple... To reach more markets and shooters Worldwide.

           The Bulls Bag Shooting Rest products were established in 1991. The shooting rests were founded on a patented design technology, that created the best shooting rests accuracy aid available... The Bulls Bag Shooting Rest.  The challenge for Bulls Bag Co., was to create a product that was not just hype but proved to be the best in the industry.  After two decades leading the shooting rest industry, Bulls Bag continues to provide the best products in shooting accuracy aids.  Since inception of the original design, Bulls Bag have continued to provide exceptional shooting rest products using the original Bulls Bag technology, advancing the gun rest applications and diversity through technology, science, and proven engineering facts. 

             The Bulls Bag Company has made strong advancements over the many years since its birth. They have worked with and are continuously called on for their shooting rests technology by other industry leading manufacturers of firearms and optics company's. Some of these include Browning Firearms Co., Savage Arms, Pentax Optics, Mossberg, Burris Optics, Remington, Winchester, Dakota Arms, Adcor and Taurus, to name just a few. Their factory representatives, distributors, and dealers continue to educate buyers on the unique applications of their rifle rests and the unmatchable performance they provide to the shooters that use them. They have spent countless hours in the development of all the Bulls Bag shooting rest models in consumer testing, material testing, durability tests, and safety to ensure they will remain the best shooting rest for the life of its purchase and that is why we offer the brand exclusively at ShootingRests.NET.  We offer Bulls Bag as the core line... not only say it, but we also GUARANTEE 100% of its performance, lifetime durability, and customer satisfaction. 

             ShootingRests.NET provides a shooting rests for all levels of shooters with 14 different models available, filled or unfilled. The beauty of offering this diverse selection of gun rest models is, that every model has the Bulls Bag Shooting Rest technology. This allows us to offer military applications, law enforcement, hunters, competitive shooters, and every other application used today.

OUR PROMISE: offer the Best!

Welcome to ShootingRests.NET.

In The PAST… shooting rests has been made up of many different kinds of things and devices to rest a firearm on as a steady position to take aim. While many were home made and others appear more mechanical and seemed to present market potential, none have ever measured up to the product known as the Bulls Bag™ released in 1992.

The Bulls Bag™ offers the most steady of ALL sight devices with its patented butterfly motion that grips the gun like a vise and performs beyond any other systems available today by proven fact. Whether its toe and heel bags, mechanical metal shooting rests and vises, the Bulls Bag™ engineering promises to outperform those applications and ALL competitors’ designs.

Only the Bulls Bag™ four chamber bag designs can produce exceptional results in accuracy and repeatability. That is why several companies have chosen to flatter those efforts, by attempting to mimic oBulls Bags engineering, but failed miserably … This has energized Bulls Bag designers and engineers to develop an aggressive newer designs for the future while keeping the science included...the New X-7 ADVANTAGE!

The Bulls Bag™, Bulls Bag Co.™ trademarks and our other trade names (Uncle Bud's Bulls Bags®, Uncle Bud's CSS™, Uncle Bud's Complete Shooting Systems™, X7 Bulls Bag™/Advantage™, X7™ X4™, X3™, X-MARK Design™ Ballistic Tactical Bulls Bag™, Tactical Accuracy Certified™, TAC™, X SEVEN, Co.™ and TAC ACE™, but not limited to), have gained much recognition in the shooting industry for over two decades and those products are still considered the "Experts Choice" and “Editors Pick”. While we have seen engineered in the past, the development of several shooting and accuracy aids, we will present to shooting rest markets our knowledge and experience forward to those who desire “EXTREME” accuracy.

ShootingRest.NET will offer the "Best” in shooting rest and accuracy. With that as our Mission, enjoy a look here at what has been voted the Best in Accuracy and Repeatability!…