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Our Shipping Rates During Non-Promotional Periods Are As Follows:
  • Active 'LIVE Rates' API Real Time
  • Effective: Jan. 1st 2013
  • Shipping Methods: USPS-Priority Mail Domestic/International CANADA
  • UPS Multiple Services U.S./Ground, 3-Day, 2-Day, Next-Day Overnight
  • Other Shipping Methods May Be Available Upon Request and Other Locations (Contact-717-294-6000)
  • Rates are calculated by product weight, package size and service selected and are generated directly from the providing services as selected. We do not inflate these direct cost and are the landed cost as provided by the service provider (s).



Example: Price You Pay

Our Price: $48.00
$7.80 Flat Rate PRIORITY Shipping
($48 +  $7.80)

ALL unfilled Shooting Rests:

 Includes a $5 UPS or USPS Priority Mail as part of “Our Promotion”

  • This includes 48 U.S. States … Excluding Hawaii, Alaska and Canada Provinces
  • NOTE: Additional UP-charge to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada Provinces Fixed-Rate $29


Example: Price You Pay

Our Price: $106.95
$18 UPS Ground Ship 25 lbs.

ALL pre-filled Shooting Rests:

Our “Fixed Rate” are calculated at 'Checkout' and added to product pricing (Our Price) and ships UPS Ground (shown below)

  • Includes 48 U.S. States… Plus… Hawaii, Alaska and Canada Provinces
  • The Rates Are As Follows:
    • 14-16 US Lbs. $15      Up-Charge US Mail-To AK, HI and CANADA          $59              $74
    • 25 US Lbs.      $18      Up-Charge US Mail-To AK, HI and CANADA          $64              $82
    • 32 US Lbs.      $20     Up-Charge US Mail-To AK, HI and CANADA           $69              $89

 We also provide ‘Shipping’ to other Countries, upon special request, but is currently not part of our API-‘Live-Rates’. at this time on shootingrests.net.

 For more information and quotes to other locations, please provide the product order information (model, quantity) along with a good shipping address and contact information to this e-mail [email protected]

We will provide back to you a quote with export pricing, including applicable shipping rates. Any Duty and Taxes and any other fees, will be the responsibility of the recipient and are not calculated at time of shipment. Tracking and insurance of packages are only guaranteed, until they leave the U.S. and than are the responsibility of the transferring mail authorities.

 Note: When 'Sales Promotions’ are not advertising or including a ‘Flat-Rate’ program… then All rates are calculated in our ‘API-System Live-Rates’ and are processed, based on product weight, size, carrier selected...ship from and ship too address presented by the consumer.

 Should you have any questions, please contact ‘Customer Service’ at 301-714-0008